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Lure Coursing in Hungary

Posted on 18 May 2017

On Sunday our girls were participating in hungarian coursing in Alsonemedi. As usual they shown just amazing runs. We are happy & proud of them.
★ Chartbeat Taffyta Muttonfudge – 1/6, BEST OF THE DAY, HU Beauty and Performance Winner 2017!
★ Zuella Gorzowska Panorama – 2/6, CACIL, CACT – she continues Hungarian Coursing Championship!
★ Chartbeat Rocket Fuel – res.CACIL, res.CACL – and she completed International Race Championship as second (after her mother) italian greyhound in Poland!
★ Fast And Furious For Chartbeat – 4/6 – finished Working Class Certificate!
What a day!

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