End of season

Opublikowane 4 listopada 2014

It was really amazing coursing season – just finished for us. Our beloved Zuella turned out to be really great sporty dog and she did amazing job this year – she was on 12 coursing events in 6 different countries. On CHARTcorowa Majowka she was the Fastest Italian Greyhound. In the age of 19 months was 3rd on FCI European Coursing Championship 2014. As one of 8 females she became the winner of Grand Prix Bratislava what resulted with awarding Slovak Beauty and Performance 2014 title. In Ptyrov Zuella got Czech Republic Coursing Champion 2014 title. Finally she became V4CUP Coursing Trophy Winner 2014. 2xCACIL opened her way to „fight” for C.I.C in next year At this moment Zuella is on the 2nd place in coursing.eu ranking. She was working very, very hard this year – that’s why we are so damn proud of our little girl! Her engagement and joy of running stimulates us to continue our work with her.licencja wyścigowa charcik licencja wyścigowa charcik licencja wyścigowa charcik

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