italian sighthound puppies

Before you buy a puppy, try to find informations about breed, visit the dog show or coursing event – talk to a breeders or italian sighthound owners. Ask the breeder you choose about pedigree, where lies the strenght of parents and what health test they’ve got. Visit the kennel, find out in what condition the dogs live there. Learn what diseases the breed suffers from, ask for the previous litters.

Puppies will go only to selected homes. It’s really important for us to know future owners. We would like to know the future of italian’s born in our kennel.

Italian sighthound puppies are with us till 3rd month of life – then they can be vaccinate against rabies and get dog passport so they can travel abroad. Tilll this time they will be live with other dogs and people to have the best possible socialization process. Our puppies will be registered in Polish Kennel Club, which is a member of the FCI. Puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed and will receive export pedigree and puppy pack. New owners will get agreement.

If you are interested of italian sighthound puppy from our kennel feel free to contact us.

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