Story about Dali

We spent amazing weekend with our sighthound friends on Night & Walentine Dog Show in Bydgoszcz. Here – for the next time – I saw amazing dog named Dali – here I made my first decision I would like to use him for the breeding. When I went back home I started to study pedigrees and I got really nice testmating. Dali on that show was almost adult and few months later I choose him as the father of my first litter „R”. We back from the show without any spectacular success but I will remember this show for a looooong time. Thanks to this meeting today I have my beautiful Rhumba – daughter of Zuella & Dali – who that day had his first birthday. He shared his birthday cake with her future whife – so we had a lot of stomach troubles for a long time ^^

charcik włoski Dali

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