italian greyhound kennel

Our Italian sighthound kennel was registrated in 2013. But italian sighthounds live with us since 2012. The kennel is our house. We do not have any special buildings or cages for breeding – our dogs live at home with us and they are members of our family. Our whole life is about dogs.

Each year we participate in dozen of coursings, racings and dog shows and dogs are always with us. After many years as one of the first kennels in Poland, we returned to the italian sighthounds racing – we believe that it brings a profit to the breed and to the dogs fitness.

Animal health has an important place in our kennel. We do DNA tests, we examine eyes, hearts and knees of our dogs. Our italian sighthound kennel is registered in Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) – member of the FCI.