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Opublikowane 3 maja 2014

It was really great coursing weekend for us! ZUELLA had two amazing runs and was 3rd in general (among 46 dogs). She got 345 pts. She also achieved IG SPEED MASTER title, reaching 45,24 km/h!
03.05.2014 BORKI WIELKIE (PL) – CHARTcorowa majowka 2014 CCWC
ZUELLA was first with CHARTcorowa Majowka winner title, 4/46 in general & IG SPEED MASTER

DSC06848 DSC06850 DSC07067

SPEED MASTER competition is measuring speed (by gps) of the dog on ~200 meters distance. You can see what speed was reached by different sighthound breeds.speed master wyniki charcik włoski coursing charcik włoski coursing
fot. Monika Nowak

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