Zuella’s coming

In February of 2013 we went to get our second italian greyhound – ZUELLA Gorzowska Panorama. She was 3 months old. We took her on the dog show in Bydgoszcz (where year later she met her future husband). ZUELLA was really amazing, very happy and energetic puppy. Dżema and Zuella stayed best friend until now, when they are both adult dogs. From the first days ZUELLA was really crazy runner. Sometimes we laught that she run for nothing all the time (when Dżema had enought). Later we understood what she loves much. It was coincidence that Zuella came to us. When we think about it, we still cannot imagine happiness of owning her – it’s hard to belive but she is our gift of fate.

charcik włoski zuella

charcik włoski szczeniak

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